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PHOTOS: Miss Croatia reveals dresses for Miss World pageant in London 

Katarina Mamic shows off her dresses she will wear in London (Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

ZAGREB, 15 November 2019 – Katarina Mamic will represent Croatia at Miss World 2019 which will be held in London on 14 December.

Today, at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb, Katarina showed off the national dress and stage dress she will wear on the night. 

”I am delighted with the dresses, as well as with the designers Ivica Skoko, who made the stage dress, and Zoran Aragovic, who created the national dress. I can’t wait to leave and would love to make it at least among the TOP 20. My roommate will be Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina and I can’t wait to meet her. I’ll be in London for three weeks,” Katarina said. 

Katarina Mamic with designers Ivica Skoko and Zoran Aragovic, artist Dimitri Popovic, Maja Vracaric and Tihana Harapin Zalepugin  (Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

Katarina will also wear clothes at Miss World in London by Ivan Juric, Ivan Friscic, Duchess and Dzemila Dilberovic, and jewellery by Infinity and Chantal design. She will also head to London with traditional Vucedol jewellery, which she will gift to all contestants from 125 countries.  

Vucedol jewellery (Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

Skoko revealed that for the dress he used five meters of lace which he cut into many pieces, then fused into one piece to create his final design. Aragovic said he also used a similar amount of material, and tried to pull elements from all over Croatia through his dress which Katarina will wear during the national dress section.

(Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

‘’My advice to her was to be herself. This is most important because only in this way can everything go well. It’s interesting how I went to Miss pageant in 1996, the same year Katarina was born. Who knows, maybe it brings us luck,” Maja Vracaric, director of the Miss World Croatia pageant, jokingly said as she wished Katarina luck at the 69th Miss World.

(Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

”Maya holds all the strings and I am proud to see how wonderful they work, but I would also add that I recommend Katarina to socialise a lot with the girls from Venezuela, Mexico and India because these girls have this winning energy, so she can then pick up those energies. I would also say that Katarina has something as pervasive as Anica Martinovic had, so I believe she could achieve remarkable success. I will not make any predictions, but I will only say that she has this note from Herzegovina that can certainly help her,” said model agent Tihana Harapin Zalepugin. 

(Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

Katarina leaves for London on 20 November. She will also take a painting from painter Dimitri Popovic which will be exhibited at a humanitarian auction.

(Photo credit: Boris Matakovic)

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