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[PHOTOS] First Freshwater Aquarium in Croatia Opens

Aquatika opened on Saturday (photo credit: Aquatika)

Aquatika opened on Saturday (photo credit: Aquatika)

A brand new freshwater aquarium and museum of rivers opened its doors to the public in Karlovac on Saturday 22 October…

Aquatika, designed on a plot size of 8,327.02 square metres, is the first of this type of aquarium in Croatia and in Europe.

The Aquarium represents flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and lakes, geological past, traditional culture and the history of the basin of four Karlovac rivers. Visitors will be able to see the richness of life in rivers and lakes, i.e. specimens of more than a hundred freshwater fish species, out of which 40 are endemic.

Aquatika to open in October (photo credit: Aquatikakarlovac.com)

Aquatika to open in October (photo credit: Aquatikakarlovac.com)

Within the Aquarium there are many other facilities: a congress hall, educational centre, scientific-research centre, offices and catering facilities.

“The layout of the pools in Aquatika follows all features of river continuity, providing a detailed, interesting and educational view into the amazing freshwater world. Each visitor will therefore be given the opportunity to experience the river flow in its entirety, from source to mouth,” Aquatika says.

The project is worth 36 million kuna (4.8 million euros), with EU funds covering 98.7% of the total amount. Aquatika is set to strengthen the local tourist infrastructure and generate new attractions for tourists all year round in Karlovac. Over 12,000 visitors are expected in the first year of business.

Aquatika is located near Foginovo beach, which was declared by the Croatian National Tourist Board as the best public beach in continental Croatia, and is open from 10:00 to 18:00 during the winter and from 10:00 – 20:00 during the rest of the year. Entry is 60 kuna for adults and 35 kuna for children. There are also group and family discounts.


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