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PHOTO: First king cobra in Zagreb Zoo history arrives

King cobra in Zagreb (Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

ZAGREB, 28 March 2019 – The first king cobra in the history of Zagreb Zoo has arrived on Thursday. 

The king cobra, and another new resident, a Komodo dragons Varanus komodoensis, were presented for the first time today as Zagreb Zoo revealed their newly renovated pavilion. 

The king cobra has been on the Red List of Threatened Species since 2010.  

(Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

“Zagreb Zoo is one of the zoological gardens with the richest array of reptiles in the world. Although Zagreb Zoo is small in size, this fact can stand beside the largest zoos in the world. By renovating the pavilion of with eight new terrariums, ten new animal species previously not visible to visitors can now be put. Two of the species are particularly magnificent – the king cobra, which is the longest poisonous species in the world, and the Komodo dragons Varanus komodoensis, the world’s largest lizard,” Zagreb Zoo director Damir Skok said.  

The new pavilion (Photo: Zagreb Zoo)
(Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

Emil Tuk, head of the Zagreb City Office of Agriculture and Forestry, invited citizens to meet these dangerous animals in a safe environment at the Zoo at the new facility, which was partly funded by the European Union.  

Komodo dragons Varanus komodoensis (Photo: Zagreb Zoo)
(Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

“The first king cobra and the Komodo dragons Varanus komodoensis will help educate citizens about endangered animal species. The Komodo dragons Varanus komodoensis is also included in the European Association of Zoological Gardens and Aquariums project, which includes cultivation and exhibition of species, education of visitors to the Zoo,” said Ivan Cizelj. 

(Photo: Zagreb Zoo)

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