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PHOTO: Blue Lake in Imotski changes colour

Blue Lake a stunning blue colour (Photo credit: Boško Ćosić Photography)

2 May 2019 – One of Croatia’s most stunning natural attractions, Blue Lake in Imotski, took on a rare new look this week thanks to Mother Nature. 

Blue Lake was left a stunning cerulean blue colour this week due to an abundance of rain and the sudden flow of water from underground springs. 

This apparently is rare and happens only once every few years. 

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Modro jezero, 30.travnja 2019.

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Blue Lake is renowned also for another phenomenon. Because of its geomorphological structures and karstic determinants, it is possible for the Blue Lake to completely dry up. This phenomenon only happens usually a few times every 100 years and a game of football is played on the bottom when it does happen.

Blue Lake’s normal colour (Photo credit: Diano Maya)

Blue Lake lies in a deep sinkhole possibly formed by the collapse of an enormous underground cave. The total depth from the upper rim is around 220 meters, while water depth usually varies with seasons. In spring, when the snow from surrounding mountains melts, it can reach 90 m, and in 1914 it reached 114 m, overflowing the southern rim.

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