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Paprika From Africa And Loads More At 7° Zagreb VINOcom

Over 250 Croatian and International wine and food producers gathered in the Croatian capital for the 7° Zagreb VINOcom – International Festival Of Wine And Culinary yesterday at the Esplanade hotel.

Thousand of visitors passed through the door on Friday and had the opportunity to sample product from Croatia’s most renowned winaries, along with olive oil, prsut, cheese and cured meat products from the finest producers around the country.

“Superb, very smooth, where can I get more,” quipped one happy patron whilst sampling wine from Antoni Lipanovic, a winemaker from the island of Vis.

The festival also had an international flavour and one stand to get a lot of attention was the “Paprika from Africa” crew. The sweet unique piquante pepper, only grown in the Limpopo province of South Africa, were a hit with visitors, The pepper was discovered only in 1993, and was one of the last fruit/vegetables to be discovered.

The two-day festival was opened by Croatia’s Agriculture Minister Tihomir Jakovina and Zagreb’s Mayor Milan Bandic, who both emphasised that the festival was a great example of the quality Croatia has in this department and what it can offer the rest of Europe.

The festival closes tonight at 8pm.

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