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Paid To Party – Croatia’s Answer To Hollywood

It is common practice in the US for high-profile celebrities to get paid by nightclub owners just to turn up and “party” at their clubs to boost its profile. Probably the most well-known benefactor is hotel heiress Paris Hilton, who has been paid 6-figure amounts to “party” at hotspots around America. Now it seems Croatia has its own “Paris Hilton”, 32-year model Aleksandra Grdic (above).

Grdic however is attracting only 200 euros and not the 200,000 euros Hilton attracts to turn up to clubs. Daily newspaper 24sata reports that Grdic and fellow model Gianna Apostolski (below)  are currently getting paid 200 euros, plus accommodation to turn up to nightclubs around Croatia just to “party”.

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