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Opening of impressive new football pitch in Trogir

Batarija – home of NK Trogir (Photo: Dalmacija Danas)

TROGIR, 16 April 2019 – The home of Croatian football club NK Trogir, nestled between two UNESCO-protected monuments, recently underwent a big overhaul and will have its official opening this week. 

A new artificial pitch has been laid at Batarija, as well new floodlights, stand and upgraded changing rooms and club house. 

Trogir mayor Ante Bilić told Dalmacija Danas that more than 2 million kuna had been invested in Batarija. 

“1.8 million kuna was invested from Grad Trogir, 500,000 kuna from the Croatian Football Federation and 200,000 kuna from Okrug council. Apart from the new pitch, the stand was upgraded and for the first time in history floddlights were put in. A club with such a rich history deserves this,” Bilić said.

The new ground impressive from the air (Photo: Dalmacija Danas)

The official opening of the new ground will take place on Wednesday, 17 April when NK Trogir hosts Hajduk Split. 

Two matches will be played on the day, first at 5:15 pm between the two club’s juniors, followed by Hajduk II v NK Trogir at 7 pm. 

Before the major renovations at the ground, junior numbers at the club had dropped to around 100 kids, but now with the new facilities the club says numbers had jumped to around 190 kids.  

NK Trogir was founded in 1912. The first president was Lujo Madirazza. . Their home ground is unique in the world because it is located between two UNESCO-protected monuments – Kamerlengo Castle and St. Marko Tower.


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