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Open letter of support to Croats in B&H from Croats in Diaspora

Open letter of support to Croats in B&H from Croats in Diaspora


A total of 21 Croatian organizations from North America, South America, Europe and Australia, related to the “One Croatia” initiative, have written an open letter of support to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The organizations feel that it is important for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina to know that they are not alone or forgotten by Croats from the diaspora, and for Croats in Croatia and around to world to become more aware of the current hardships faced in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Below is the letter in full. 

Message to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Father Archbishop, Bishops, Provincials, Mother Provincials, Leaders of Croatian Political Parties, Religious Communities, Croatian Entrepreneurs, Croatian Cultural Institutions and all Croats in B&H 

March 2, 2022 

Dear Fellow Croats, 

We send you our heartfelt greetings and wish to share with you our hopes and aspirations for a better future in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We find ourselves in challenging times, not only because of the demographic situation, but also because of the political situation in which Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina find themselves today. 

We are monitoring developments in B&H as well as the work of the Croatian National Assembly (HNS) in B&H. By way of this letter, we wish to first provide support for the efforts undertaken by the HNS, and further, to support each of you who are able to engage in finding solutions which will ensure that the Croatian people remain on their soil, and that the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Croats in B&H are protected. 

Regardless of differences and history, and regardless of conflicts and political contradictions, we call upon the representatives of the political parties and the international representatives in B&H partaking in negotiations to engage in sincere reflection and a detailed analysis of the situation. The legitimate representation of the Croatian people in the institutions of B&H is guaranteed by the Constitution of B&H. 

Croatian representatives have our full support in implementing the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the decisions of the Constitutional Court of B&H. We support achieving legitimate representation of the constituent peoples in the Presidency of B&H and the House of the People of the Federation of B&H, the manner of choosing Croatian officials, and full equality of the Croatian people with the other two peoples in B&H. 

Cognisant of the importance of the current moment in negotiations and the desire and obligation to provide support, we, the hundreds of thousands of Croats living in the diaspora, would like you to know that you are not alone and ask you to persevere in negotiations in order to successfully address the Croatian question, one which also concerns us Croats who have emigrated or whose roots originate from the homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet who continue to provide material and other forms of support to our families and to Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In the hope of a speedy resolution, please accept our best wishes! 

Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce 

“Ivan Grbešić” 

Ivan Grbešić Secretary 

Association of Croatian American Professionals 

“Dr. Steven Pavletić” 

Dr. Steven Pavletić President 

Australian Croatian Congress 

“Ante Radić” 

Ante Radić
Vice-President CWC – Australia 

Croatian World Congress USA 

“Nada Pritisanac Matulich” 

Nada Pritisanac Matulich President 

Croatian Franciscans USA/Canada 

“Fr. Jozo Grbeš” 

Fr. Jozo Grbeš, ofm Custodian 

Venezuelan-Croatian Chamber of Commerce 

“Josip Hrgetić” 

Josip Hrgetić Potpredsjednik 

National Federation of Croatian Americans 

“Steve Rukavina” 

Steve Rukavina President 

Croatian Emigrant Congress 

“Marin Sopta 

Marin Sopta President 

Croatian World Congress Germany 

“Franjo Akmadža” 

Franjo Akmadža President 

Croatian World Congress UK 

“Nicholas Frankopan” 

Nicholas Frankopan President 


“Matija Pavković” 

Matija Mathew Pavković President 

Croatia Sacra Paulistana – Brazil 

“Tomislav Correia Deur” 

Tomislav Correia Deur Predsjednik 

Federation of Croatian Societies, Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

“Tomislav Kuzmanović” 

Tomislav Z. Kuzmanović Predsjednik 

Western Australian Croatian Chamber of Commerce 

“Luke Jurčević” 

Luke Jurčević Predsjednik 


“Michael Drago Murgić” 

Michael Drago Murgić Predsjednik 

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the Homeland and Diaspora – Germany 

“Josip Stjepandić” 

Josip Stjepandić Predsjednik 

Croatian Argentinian Cultural Center – Buenos Aires, Argentina 

“Federico Kisić” 

Federico Kisić Direktor 

Croatian Foundation of Windsor 

“Marko Pocedić” 

Marko Pocedić Predsjednik 

Humanitӓrer Verein Fr. Mladen Hrkac Swiss 

“Ivan Ivanković” 

Ivan Ivanković Tajnik 

Meeting G2 – Association for Business Connection of Homeland and Emigrant Croatia 

“Antun Krešimir Buterin” 

Antun Krešimir Buterin Predsjednik 

Croatian Association Dubrovnik – Peru 

“Pedro Puh” 

Pedro Puh Predsjednik 

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