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One Croatian Island Fighting the Rubbish Problem

With an injection of tens of thousands of foreign tourists to destinations along Croatia’s spectacular coast during the summer months, a natural spike in the amount of rubbish and waste obviously occurs. With rubbish over spilling tiny rubbish bins, and rubbish collection cycles all to infrequent, some places have come in for criticism in the local media recently, but one tourist hot spot has come up with a method to keep its beautiful beaches pristine and rubbish free.

Thanks to its Tourist Board, those visiting beaches on the Dalmatian island of Vis can now pick up a free small little blue ‘Eko-bin’, which they can store their small bits of rubbish in whilst relaxing at the beach.  The functional bins can hold such things as wrappers, fruit pips, cigarette butts and chewing gun, the things often some tourists would not hesitate in just discarding on the beach.  The bins, which are eco-friendly, can be emptied, cleaned, easily carried around and re-used. A great idea and one perhaps the Croatian Tourist Board should look at enforcing up and down the coast.

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