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Nun Caught Shoplifting in Croatia

Talking to Croatian portal net.hr, a shopping centre detective describes the moment he caught a nun in the act shoplifting in a Croatian mall.

“I caught a nun stealing a bag, an ordinary bag. She was stuffing it into her bag she had. We took her aside and she emptied her bag and confessed. She reacted in such a normal way, like it was the second time in the day she had been caught stealing,’ said the detective.

shoplifting has increased by at least 30 per cent in Croatia since the economic crisis started and the store detective say its ordinary folk, including a high number of old age pensioners that are the culprits.

“I have caught a grandmother of about 80 years-of-age stealing some pate,” said the detective.

He says that journalists and lawyers have also been caught red-handed in stores stealing as the crisis deepens in the country.

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