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North American premiere of Croatian film Tereza37 online

Tereza37 North America Indy Film Festival

(Photo: Tereza37)

The North American premiere of award-winning Croatian film Tereza37 will be held online at the 2021 Indy Film Fest which will take place online this year.

The film stars and is written by Lana Barić, one of the top Croatian actresses working today. Directed by Danilo Šerbedžija, the film is set in Split on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast and is a devastating drama about a woman in her late thirties who decides to change her stale marriage and find her piece of happiness.

It won the Golden Arena Prize in Pula last year for best Croatian film, best director and best script, and also the audience award at the 2020 Zagreb Film Festival.

Tereza37 will be available to view from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico for 21 days starting on April 29. 

The Indy Film Fest is an all volunteer-run film festival, and this year they have announced that they will be splitting any profits with the filmmakers, so 50% of your ticket price will go back into the Croatian film industry, and the rest will help them keep the 18 year old film festival alive. 

You can find out more about the festival and access the film on the following link: https://2021.indyfilmfest.org/films/607636a3ab295a0029b5b930

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