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New Year’s Eve in Croatia: Who is Playing Where?

Zagreb (Photo: T. Smoljanovic/Zagreb Tourist Board)

by Tina Kovačiček

After we taste, smell, consume and experience all the possibilities that Advent in Croatia offers; all the gastro corners, music events, crafted souvenir shops, choose presents and enjoy family and friends time in beautiful Christmas spirit, the best night of the year will be waiting around the corner.

The whole world celebrates New Year’s Eve with a special programme and Croatians are not an exception when it comes to a good party agenda.

Although, the majority of the clubs, restaurants, hotels and bars will have their own specials offers, the most exciting celebrations are expected again to be on the main squares.

We found out how major cities and towns in Croatia will celebrate New Year’s Eve and who will be the first person they will hear in 2018!


Ban Jelacic square (Photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

The biggest and most various celebration of New Year will take place in the capital. For the third year in a row, Zagreb will try to keep its title of the best Advent destination in Europe. Throughout December all the city corners will be spreading festive atmosphere so for New Year’s Eve the whole city will be ready for the celebration as far as the setup is concerned.

Doris Dragovic and popular group Vatra will play on the main Ban Jelačić square, as well as the Tamburica orchestra.

Doris Dragovic

European square will dedicate the celebration to electronic music; Dj Sanjin Kaštelan and Eddy Ramich will give many reasons to dance, all the way until 2 am.


Strossmayer (Zagreb Tourist Board)

Fuliranje which is now located on Strossmayer square will also prepare music programme on the night. Do we need to mention fireworks? In Zagreb, you can also expect some serious light show in the sky.


Dubrovnik (Photo: Dubrovnik Winter Festival)

For the last two days in 2017 Dubrovnik has prepared lost of good music choices for every taste. On 30th in front of St Blaise’s church, Folklore Ensemble Linđo will perform traditional songs and dances of Croatia starting at 11:30 am while evening concert at the same place will start at 9 pm and the audience will have a chance to listen The Frajle, all ladies band.

In the same time in front of the St Saviour’s church, Slobodan Begić, on the violin, Nena Ćorak on piano and Mirjan Bukmir as tenor will perform “The Best works of great composers”, a real treat for classical music lovers. The same night at 11 pm, regional pop star Željko Joksimović will have a concert at popular Revelin club.


For the last day, 31th, a big celebration will be held on Stradun, a traditional way of New Year’s celebration in Dubrovnik. Band Pravila Igre will perform first and later on famous pop singer Dino Merlin will join them together with popular Croatian funky band Songkillers.

Dino Merlin

For all the little ones that go to bed earlier, Children’s New Year celebration will take place at noon in front of St Blaise’s church.


Split (Split Tourist Board)

Famous summer party destination, Split, will reserve its winter programme for local musicians, of course very popular among people in Split. The party will be held on the main square and singer Joško Čagalj Jole will be the main star in New Year’s Eve programme.


Bands like Mjesni odbor i Gustafi will join him on stage. Split Tourist Board has announced that this is going to be the best celebration ever. In addition to that, we can expect some seriously amazing fireworks.


Šibenik (Photo: St. Michael Fortress – Tvrđava Sv. Mihovila)

For the last couple of years, Šibenik has become one the main music destinations on the Adriatic coast. From the Terraneo, Deboto, Regius and Off music festivals through the long list of concerts that take place at Fortress Saint Mihovil throughout summer. Winter in Šibenik will also have a rich music programme thanks to Adventura that brings live music concerts every night in December.

Most of them are popular bands favoured by the young modern crowd. For the New Year’s Eve celebration Šibenik will bring to the Poljana square famous Croatian hip-hop band Elemental who will share the stage with Dubioza Kolektiva, a famous band from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together they will create energetic hip-hop evening since both bands are famous for their uplifting lyrics and live shows.

Neno Belan

On the first day of 2018, Croatian singer Neno Belan and his band Fiumens will perform for all the people who will feel like repeating the celebration.



The central Dalmatian gem – Zadar, has prepared three days of events at the end of the year. People square will be the central location for all the major concerts, but smaller events and concerts will take place around the city. The City of Zadar together with tourist board is preparing the best celebration night so far.

On Friday, 29th, educational workshop for children “Santa Claus is Coming” will take place in the morning from 10 am to 1 pm after which all the curious little ones will move to Petar Zoranić square and see the play “The Story of the Magic Christmas Tree”.

The holiday music session starts at 5 pm and in the evening, on Peoples square, famous band TBF will hold a concert. Saturday, 30th, will repeat the morning programme for children and in the evening, at 9 pm, the audience will enjoy in Jacques Houdek’s concert.


The last day of 2017 will bring again something for everybody. At 11 am children will welcome the New Year by inviting Santa Claus and the fairy from the “Nutcracker” play continuing with the fun programme throughout the afternoon. Evening celebration starts at 9 pm on People’s square followed by a concert of traditional Croatian music; Tomislav Bralić & klapa Intrade and Marko Škugor. On Petar Zoranić square, Krešo Perović with Balboa band and Kanela band will hold a live concert while you will find lots of fun options on Kalelarga street.



Like all the major Croatian cities, Rijeka will bring NewYear’s Eve on the main square – Korzo. Thousands of people will enjoy live concerts of famous performers such as Boris Štok, who is a favourite singer from Rijeka, then Jinx – a funky band from Zagreb and legendary band Crvena Jabuka.

Crvena Jabuka

A big fireworks display has already been announced so the conclusion is – the whole Croatia is going to be on fire!


Pula (Photo: Pula Tourist Board)

The city of Pula has prepared a couple of music options. The main location for New Year’s Eve celebration is going to be Forum square. The band The Night Express will play there after which Prljavo kazalište, a legendary Croatian band, will take over the stage.

The show will start at 9 pm and everyone in Pula can expect some seriously magic fireworks followed by good Dj session.

Prljavo kazalište

On King Tomislav square, the audience will enjoy Gelato Sisters show that will start already at noon. Special holiday feeling will be present at Giardini square where lots of lights and art installation will form Magic forest.



The city of Osijek in eastern Croatia has prepared a good music programme on the main square – Ante Starčević. Of course, fabulous fireworks is included in the programme while the music stage will be occupied by famous Croatian singers and bands.

In front of the cathedral, Zvonko Bogdan will perform with his band while on the main stage band Detour will bring 2018 closer. After the concerts, Dj’s are taking over.

Meanwhile, in Makarska Zeljko Bebek will be playing, whilst legendary band Parni Valjak will be playing in Istria in Porec on New Year’s Eve.

Whatever destination you choose for celebration, it is guaranteed not to be boring.

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