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New-Car Sale Boom Last Month in Croatia


There were 2,189 new vehicles sold in Croatia last month in September, close to 10% more than in the same month last year…

In the first 9 months of 2015 there have been 28,817 new vehicles sold in the country, which is nearly 4% more than last year, according to data from agency Promocija plus.

When it comes to makes of vehicles, again Volkswagen was he most popular. In September Volkswagen were the best selling cars (341), followed by Škoda (169), and Renault (165).

When it came to luxury vehicles, last month there were 6 Porsche sold, 1 Jaguar and Maserati, 92 Audis, 69 Mercedes and 51 BMWs.

On an annual basis, Volkswagen is the most sold car in the country with 4,599 sold so far this year (16% market share). Opel was in second spot with 3,253 sold (11.3% market share) with Škoda third with 2,617 sold (9.1% market share).

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