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Most popular baby names in Croatia last year revealed 

most popular baby names croatia

ZAGREB, 9 March 2021 – The most popular names given to newborn boys and girls in Croatia in 2020 has been revealed. 

According to the Ministry of Justice and Administration, last year, 36,257 babies were registered in the Croatian Birth Registry, which was 297 fewer than the previous year, writes Večernji list.

There were 18,602 boys registered and 17,655 girls in 2020. 

Most common names

The most common female name was Mia, given to 531 girls, and Luka, which was given to 870 newborn boys. These names were also the most popular the year before, which means that the trend has not changed.

The next most popular girls names were Lucija, Sara, Ema and Nika.

After Luka, David was the next most common for boys, followed by Jakov, Ivan and Petar.

On the list of the 50 most common names were also Rafael, Noel, Una, Nora, Bruna, Emily, Aurora, Liam and Nikol.

Drop in marriages 

Last year, 15,163 marriages were conducted, of which 6,497 in religious form and 8,666 in civil form. This is 4,779 fewer marriages than in 2019. 

drop in marriages in croatia 2020

66 same sex life partnerships were conducted, mostly in the City of Zagreb, Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Istria counties. This is 19 more life partnerships than the year before.

Last year, 59,814 people were registered in the registry of deaths (there were 54,050 in 2019), of which 29,720 were men and 30,094 women.

On the last day of last year, 4,610,461 voters were entered in the voter register, of which 3,709,444 were in Croatia and 901,017 abroad. 

Of the voters abroad, most of them are in Bosnia and Herzegovina (322,298), followed by Germany (118,587), then Serbia (115,492), Austria (29,6969), Switzerland (23,943), USA (14,472) and Australia (13,921). According to data for 2019, there were a total of 4,610,949 voters at the end of that year.

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