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‘Mljet – The World’s First Green Island’ Project Launched

lukaThe Croatian Ministry of Environment hopes to turn the southern Dalmatian island of Mljet into the world’s first ‘green’ island…

Deputy Environment Minister Tonči Restović has presented the project ‘Mljet – the world’s first green island’, which amongst other incentives, will give grants to residents who purchase electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and preserve protected areas of the island. The project is also part of the government’s plan to encourage energy efficiency in transport.

Electric vehicle charging stations will be accessible on the island and will be free of charge to use for locals as well as visitors to the Mljet National Park.

“Energy efficiency projects have been recognised as the most effective way of dealing with the consequences of climate change and are part of the government’s programme which will help push the country forward. That is why we have set aside 600 million kuna (87 million euros) for energy efficiency in buildings, transport, tourism and the manufacturing sector this year,” said Restovic at the presentation of the project on the island of Mljet.

Residents of the island will be able to access a grant of 105,000 kuna (13,500 euros) in to purchase an electric vehicle. Close to 1.5 million euros will be invested into Mljet National Park this year, with over 1 million euros coming from the government’s fund. The large bridge in the park will be renovated, as to will the park’s most visited spots, and a new and improved e-ticketing system will be implemented.

Mljet is the most southerly and easterly of the larger islands on Croatia’s Adriatic coast and has a population of just over 1,000 people. The National Park on the island is one of the most beautiful in the country, and features two connected salty lakes.

(photo / “Porat” by Jaganjac Wikimedia Commons)

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