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Mljet National Park to celebrate 60th birthday with special Open Days 

Mljet (Photo: Ivan Bagic)

One of Croatia’s most stunning national parks celebrates its 60th birthday this year in November. 

On November 11, 1960, the north-west part of the island of Mljet was declared a national park with the renowned researcher and academic Branimir Gušić a great contributor to its protection status.

Mljet National Park includes the western part of the island, Veliko jezero, Malo jezero, Soline Bay, and a sea belt 500 m wide from the most prominent cape of Mljet covering an area of 54 km2. The central parts of the park are Veliko jezero with the Isle of St. Mary, Malo jezero, and the villages of Govedari, Polače, and Pomena.

Birthday celebrations will begin this month with Open Doors Days. 

From Friday, 18 September till Sunday, 27 September, Open Door Days will be held with visitors to the park having the chance to tickets at discounted prices.

Tickets for adults will be 50,00 kn and 30,00 kn for children and students. Purchasing online tickets will get you an additional discount and the prices will be 40,00 kn for adults and 30,00 kn for children. Children under 7 have free entry.

Ticket includes boat rides to St. Mary island and a trip on the electric train.

The entire surface area of the park is extremely rich with life, and numerous endemic and endangered species are a testament to the importance of protecting it. The Mljet National Park will not disappoint the fans of cultural heritage either, thanks to its numerous archaeological finds and the heritage of our ancestors present in the old island settlements.

The Benedictine monastery located at one of the most beautiful locations in these areas, on the island of St. Mary on Veliko jezero is also the most visited location of the National Park.


Free guided tours can be arranged by contacting: [email protected] or by phone on +385 20 744 041.

*Face masks are mandatory on the boat, electric train, and in souvenir shops.

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