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Meteor Shower Brightens Up Croatian Sky

Many Croatians took to their balconies late on Sunday night to catch a glimpse of this year’s Perseid meteor shower display.

Some areas of Croatia had more visible views of the scores of shooting stars and fireballs which shot through the sky overnight. The impressive sight, which Croats refer to as “Tears of St. Lawrence”, is considered to be one of the most spectacular celestial displays. With visibility clearer in less polluted areas, Croats outside of the main cities had the best views.

“Wow, amazing, we camped on our balcony with some wine and managed to see loads of gorgeous meteor showers,” said one reader from Jadrija near Sibenik on the Dalmatian coast.

Last night marked the peak of the month-long meteor shower, which has been visible every year since at least 2,000 years ago. NASA predicted around 100 meteors per hour last night, with some reaching over 60 km/s.

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