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Melita Manojlović – Croatia’s Leading Life & Business Coach & NLP trainer

Melita Manojlović

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) represents a psycho-communication model that explains human behaviour and allows the change of that behaviour and mental, internal processes.

Talking about personal growth, NLP has been characterized as elementary knowledge for a 21st-century man.

Thus, just as basic education serves in everyday life existence, NLP represents a tool for continuous live quality progress in line with human needs and trends.

Melita Manojlović has been engaged in life and business coaching for years and has helped a great number of people to find their way and achieve success in a private and business plan. She regularly holds workshops and individual consultations with the aim to teach people about NLP, how to set the proper personal and business goals, as well as about the law of attraction, in order to help those who want to solve various blockages and improve their relationships with other people.

We talked with her about NLP and the way it helped her to deal with trauma, improve relationships with other people and achieve outstanding success on the business plan. She has managed to rise from the bottom and become a successful multi-skilled businesswoman – all thanks to NLP. She also revealed why her NLP center today has been considered the largest and most serious in Croatia and its main features.

When did you first meet with NLP and why did you get into this psychological-communication model?

This encounter is one of the most important in my life, and it happened in 2011 when I started looking for solutions to my problems. I had been a few years in a professional blockade at that time. I had not been able to get an ordinary job for years, even the most ordinary one such as a secretary position or similar. Simply, it seemed impossible to achieve anything in the professional context.

When I could no longer endure it, I started looking for solutions and on the third attempt, I found NLP that quickly removed all my blockades and moved me forward. First I got a job and further on other things started to open up. Finally, I realized I was so interested in NLP and decided to move further into it mainly because I could not believe how much it helped me and due the fact that quick change happened even to me who was in the strong blockade that made me very difficult to pull out from just five years before. That is why I decided to teach other people about NLP.

Melita Manojlović

Where does it come from – your need to continue your education in this area and use your skills to help others?

My life was challenging from the very beginning due to the fact that, at the year of 12, I survived a war in Bosnia and stayed with trauma as one terrible night my father died. So, while I was looking for answers to this event and help for myself to improve the quality of life after this trauma, I realized that I would like to help people because I gained so much knowledge and empathy, which serve people today.

Who can help you better than the one who was in great trouble, especially who managed to rise above the problem.

How did your professional development run as a NLP trainer?

At first, I already knew that I wanted to spread further my NLP skills because my motivation for this was really great. At the beginning of my professional NLP development, I was trained through interaction with people in individual and group sessions, so NLP became something I could talk about basically when you wake me up at the half the night.

For this reason, with experience, I have gained the depth of knowledge about NLP and also the predisposition to transfer it to others, because when you are learning, and especially when you are simultaneously learning to do so, you must have a good teacher.

The love of psychology and the desire to show people how to realize their unconscious patterns and thus improve their lives have helped me greatly because they were inexhaustible motivation for all this years. Every day I feel motivated as the first day – by working on myself, working with people and steady progress – I have come to the point that today I inspire a large number of people on the education from the role of NLP coach.

Melita Manojlović

Why NLP is a must have life-long training for a 21st century man?

First, because NLP theoretically discloses some of the psychological patterns every person has and this information itself disarms problems, prejudices and conflicts that determine the quality of life. Sometimes I compare this elementary knowledge to writing and reading because I was wondering after I had completed NLP Practitioner Training (NLP praktičarski), as well as many attendees of my education, why had not we learned these much sooner in our education?

After you learned how to write and read, your life is much easier in comparison to people who can not write and read. So it is with NLP. By learning some of the basic facts about people, our lives are becoming easier at some extent.

And when you go further through the course, we learn techniques to manage different aspects of life, such as communication, motivation, goals setting, fears, trauma, strategies, beliefs that lead us through life and often endanger it, as many other vitally and very applicable things that transform our lives into the better tomorrow and create better personality, better results, better reality.

And in the end, NLP provides the tools that once we learn, we have them forever. These are tools to work on ourselves that serve to improve human internal resources, which in some phases of life are slightly suppressed and thus we become less capable. So many people in the world live in the past and suffer because their abilities are lost through passing various negative experiences and so on. After the reconciliation with the loss of resources, people continue to live “half-life”. The coaching concept of NLP enables us to put all these lost capabilities into action and start with positive progress.

I am really the best example – I had been transformed from the person who was on the full bottom of life to someone who can do a lot today. That is why NLP is called 21st century training – we need to adapt our skills to the times we live in today, instead of complaining about the past that will never come back again.

Melita Manojlović

Your NLP Center today is considered as the largest and most serious center in Croatia, which is, according to you, its very special feature?

I would say that the most important aspect is the fact I am committed to my work. During the course we deal with NLP at a broad rate, thus we are not superficial but we share a lot of knowledge and are dedicated to each participant and his needs. There is a great difference between being somewhere and listen about the topic and really get involved with your own topics in training and receive attention from the trainer.

The personal growth often touches the spiritual world and this make us so different – we do not limit human existence to the psychological aspects, we rather broaden our understanding of existence on spiritual and energetic aspects of human being. Therefore, we unify that knowledge to a great extent through the integration of knowledge of the energy assumptions that make one life and are inevitable. We also talk about energy, law of attraction and other things if needed. Each weekend during the year there is one group having NLP training in the center because we constantly have new terms to sign in on NLP Practitioner Training (NLP praktičarski), meaning that all the participants who finished this education have an opportunity to repeat it countless times and free of charge.

Most importantly, participants do not have to wait long to repeat it because we have new entries and new groups all the time, which allows them to grow fast. Also, a large number of people passing through the center allow each individual to share their experiences with others, to compare and revitalize their stage of development. We have a lot of modern space and great working conditions, and besides official training date, we organize workshops that provide our participants with additional practical knowledge.

We are actually a community that supports the trainees during training and a long time after it because we provide plenty of opportunities for repetition and progress until NLP becomes an automatic mechanism for each individual. We are the only center with 4 NLP practitioner educations per year. Often, training is held outdoors or at the seaside, and being in a good team is added value, as we often very easily agree on a private gathering.

How much has NLP helped you to develop your own business?

I had three unsuccessful attempts at entrepreneurship before this business. After I met NLP techniques that showed me how to deal with a job, how to set goals, how to motivate myself and, especially, how my own beliefs affect the business success and outcome in each business step, including how to communicate, I realized why the previous three attempts were unsuccessful. Therefore, must have really is the right word to define NLP Practitioner (NLP praktičarski) because it is something to use to spice up our lives. My job would not be nearly as well developed as there were no techniques that clearly direct and allow the job to sustain and grow.

NLP is indeed the main “culprit” for why I am today exactly where I am. Once everything initiates and get together, progress is getting faster so I just expect its greatest impact in the future. My job has grown steadily in the past year and now I know that in a year I can expect a little miracle.

In which areas NLP can be applied and most commonly used by your clients?

For personal growth, ie to work on themselves, to remove fears and limitations, set goals and motivations, to change perceptual filters, for the work with people – from a therapeutic point of view, for leadership and interpersonal communication that is a part of our everyday life in all aspects, whether we are employees, entrepreneurs or managers, to our own motivation and for motivating other people, to conduct meetings and manage human resources in organizations, to guide the business in the direction that is desirable and to set goals properly.

NLP is also used for successful parenting and upbringing in order to create educated children and children in a resourceful state. NLP can be used in teaching as well as in the field of conflict management wherever conflicts have a precondition for development. Furthermore, NLP is used in partnerships, relationships in general, for successful communication (especially with problematic people), for eliminating phobias and generally all blocking states, for changing limiting beliefs, strategies… for everything.

How do you perform your education and workshops – what your approach is based on?

Education NLP Practitioner (NLP praktičarski) practically holds on weekends (seven weekends), never consecutive. It usually ends within three or four months because we work every second or third weekend. I hold one-day workshops periodically, but rarely.

My approach is based on the principle to meet each participant at the point where she/he really is at the moment with her/his knowledge, level of consciousness and degree of development in order to adapt education for participate to receive exactly enough and accurate information that is current to him. I lead them through growth and development by integrating new knowledge.

This approach is needed for every person to better understand topics, to ease the absorption of information and to avoid going into a phase of misunderstanding because NLP is a training that primarily enables human growth, and each of us is at the specific level of development at every moment and on the different level of consciousness. If a coach does not meet trainee at that specific development level, then we are in the problem because neither we will understand what we hear or feel the belonging. The confusion that people often feel during the education is due to the lack of this approach and this situation often leads to resistance and does not provide a solution.

How to see the role of NLP in the future?

I really see NLP as an elementary and compulsory knowledge I hope will bring to high school because we really need it. I feel sorry to meet people who live their deeply unconscious patterns which leads them to the state with a lot of negative beliefs that limit them. Likewise, I am sorry to see how much people are struggling in communication, motivation and other spheres for which NLP provides simple solutions because I know that everything originates from us and it all depends on us, and that all these internal processes can change. Unfortunately, most people do not know it because they have not been in situation to learn about it; therefore I see NLP in schools as must have, as writing or mathematics, because it really is.


NLP PRACTITIONER education is certified by the International NLP & Coaching Institutes Berlin (www.inici.net). After completed education, you get a certificate that is recognized all over the world. The program is aligned with the world’s highest standards and is recognized in all the world’s organizations and coaching institutes around the world.


FIRST GROUP: The first introductory weekend is from 19 to 21 January 2018 in Zagreb. – FILLED UP.
OTHER GROUP: The first introductory weekend 23 to 25 February 2018 in Zagreb. – SIGN IN!
DURATION OF NLP PRACTICIONER education is 130 hours of work (7 weekends within half a year).
The trainings in Zagreb are held on weekends, Friday from 18 to 20, Saturday from 9 to 17, and Sundays from 9 to 15.

EDUCATION PRICE: 7 500, 00 kn

* We accept payment on installments (Novelty: Diners up to 12 installments!)
In addition to NLP practitioners half-yearly education with start-up weekends 19.1. – 21.1. 2018 and 23.2. – 25.2. 2018 Melita holds individual consultations and group workshops.

For more about Melita Manojlović, visit www.melitamcoaching.com and all questions are welcome at [email protected].

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