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Meet the first Croatian male model to appear in British Vogue magazine

Dominik Sporiš (Photo: S. Rundic)

23-year-old Dominik Sporiš becomes the first male model from Croatia to feature in the British edition of the fashion magazine Vogue. 

Sporiš appears in the January edition of British Vogue as the brand ambassador and face of Swiss brand Bombay Birds. 

“I am the first Croatian male model whose photographs have appeared in a prestigious magazine like British Vogue. The cooperation came by chance. The owner of the exclusive Swiss brand Bombay Birds insisted on me being the brand ambassador and invited me for a photoshoot. Actually, I  did not know then that it was to be in Vogue. I found out while travelling to the studio. I thought it was a kind of a gag, a practical joke,” Dominik says.

British Vogue, January Issue 2019, Dominik Sporiš for Bombay Birds (Photo: J. Petkovic)

Originally from the village of Kumrovec in Zagorje, Dominik now resides in Zagreb where he is studying International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Zagreb and he says he got into modelling by chance. 

“Four years ago the owner of a modelling agency saw my photos on Facebook. He told me that he saw great potential in me and that he was sure I would succeed,” he explains. 

(Photo: J. Petkovic)

“I worked with Talia Model, an agency in Zagreb owned by Tihana Harapin Zalepugin. She helped me in my beginnings to find my way in modelling. Now I am a freelance model since at the moment I find it to be easier and more profitable.  

For now, modelling is only a part-time job for Dominik as he says the scene in Croatia is not developed enough. 

“At the moment male modelling in Croatia cannot be a full-time job. Fashion weeks are not frequent, campaigns are poorly paid, and it is always the same persons who participate in the events.  Thus I do some other jobs as well like revise magazine articles, edit photography etc,” explains Dominik, who is also the face of Swiss of the from Zurich.

Dominik Sporiš

Dominik believes that to make it in the business ‘charisma’ and a ‘special vibe’ are key. 

“Many think that a perfect look is the only characteristic a model must possess, but in the fashion world it is increasingly “that something“ that counts.”

Dominik Sporiš (Photo: S. Rundic)

Away from his studies and modelling, Dominik enjoys reading, painting and travelling and has a keen interest in the architecture and sights of the European capitals. 

He says that he does not go to the gym to keep in shape and prefers to get exercise with a walk, bike ride or swim. 

Dominik Sporiš (Photo: S. Rundic)

Dominik, who hopes that the male modelling scene in Croatia will dramatically improve in the near future, has some advice for those hoping to get into the game. 

“For any young models who are just starting their career, I wish them all the luck. Don’t be afraid of failure. Surround yourself with positive thinking people. If you really want something, you will make it.”

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