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Made in Croatia: Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey



Next time you pick up a bottle of Jim Beam remember you have a piece of Croatia in your hands…

Omco, a Belgium glass mould company which has its factory in Hum na Sutli, a town located in the northern Croatian county of Krapina-Zagorje, have won the exclusive rights to manufacture the molds for the famous bourbon whiskey brand Jim Beam.

Jim Beam, who have produced their bourbon whiskey since 1795 and are one of the world’s best-selling bourbon brands, recently rebranded and redesigned their bottles using a mould manufactured by Omco in Hum na Sutli. Jim Beam have changed out their bottles for the American market in all sizes – 0.20ml, 100ml, 300ml, to 0.75ml, 1ltr and 1.75ltr – with the first moulds from Croatia already in Kentucky, say daily 24sata.

Apart from Jim Beam, Omco also produce moulds for Coca Cola bottles, as well as Heineken and for many more companies all over the world.

Hum na sutli

Hum na sutli

Omco, who employ 550 people, are the world leaders in glass mould production. The company, which was taken over by a Belgium company 18 years ago, is one of Croatia’s leading exporters.


Omco's factory in Hum na sutli

Omco’s factory in Hum na sutli


Omco Croatia export 97% of its products, with one of every ten bottles in the world comes from Hum na Sulti mould.

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