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London Calling: Croatian Con Artist Strikes

A female Croatian con artist has conned a middle-aged couple from the Dalmatian city of Split out of over 2,000 euros when she posed as Croatian Consulate worker from London.

News portal Dalmacija news reported that on Wednesday at around 1pm the 45 and 46-year old married couple from Split received a phone call from a female posing as a representative from the Croatian Consulate in London. The women proceeded to inform the couple that an uncle of the 45-year man had come to the consulate in the English capital after losing his documents, personal items and an airline ticket. The news did not surprise the couple too much as they knew that he had a unlce that was living abroad “somewhere” but they were not quiet sure where.

The con artist then requested that the Split couple deposit 9,605 kuna (1,350 euros) on an account, which they agreed to do. A few hours later the phone rang again and the “fake” Consulate worker then said that the “uncle” had taken a turn and he was not allowed on the plane. The couple was then requested to send 6,450 kuna (900 euros) to pay for “medical costs”.

Eventually the couple attempted to get hold of the “uncle” and he finally contacted them, only to discover that neither was he “sick”, but he was not even in the United Kingdon. Realising they had been done like a dinner, they immediately reported the incident to the police.

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