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Letter sent in 1960 to woman in Split found – recipient or sender sought

61 year old letter split

(Photo credit: Portal Grad Kastela)

TROGIR, 27 September 2021 – A 61-year-old letter addressed to a woman in the Croatian city of Split has been found in nearby Trogir.

“A few days ago, in Trogir, near the monastery and the church of St. Dominic, one of our fellow citizens found a letter. Not any letter, but a letter dated from 1960, addressed to a certain Biserka Borić, who apparently lived at Radnička ulica 11 Split,” portal Grad Kastela said.

The portal are now seeking to find the sender or recipient of the letter, which arrived in Split from Cyprus and was sent from the ship ‘Šolta’.

“Although we do not know what kind of life story is related to it, whether it carries with it something beautiful or tragic, whether it evokes in individuals emotions of love or anger, the letter obviously has a special emotional value when preserved for a full 61 years. Whether the sender and recipient of this letter are still among us, we also do not know, but if to them or to any of their descendants the letter is of special importance, they can call us on +385 91 732 9236.”

If the recipient or sender, or family members do not respond, we will preserve this letter as a kind of “monument” of that time, the relationship between people, but also the way of communication that is almost forgotten today, the portal concluded.


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