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Legendary Croatian song ‘Moja domovina’ to get remake

Hrvatski Band Aid – Moja domovina (Photo: Supplied/Press)

A legendary Croatian song recorded in 1991 by the nation’s most prominent musicians at the time is to be remade. 

The song Moja domovina’ (“My Homeland”) was originally recorded in 1991 as a charity single by “Croatian Band Aid” (Hrvatski Band Aid). 

The megagroup of singers consisted of Croatian music stars of the time and featured Doris Dragović, Oliver Dragojević, Jasna Zlokić, Danijela Martinović, Sanja Doležal, Meri Cetinić, Dino Dvornik, Aki Rahimovski, Matko Jelavić, Emilija Kokić, Severina, Arsen Dedić, Zorica Kondža, Boris Novković, Jasmin Stavros, Ivo Amulić, Vlado Kalember, Krunoslav Slabinac, Ivo Robić, Gabi Novak, Tereza Kesovija, Tajči, Josipa Lisac, Zvonko Špišić, Dragutin Mlinarec, Đuka Čaić, Zdravko Škender, Ivica Šerfezi, Ljupka Dimitrovska, Dalibor Brun, Milo Hrnić, Mišo Kovač, Davor Gobac, Stanko Šarić, Zdenka Vučković, Jura Stublić, Mladen Bodalec, and Ljiljana Nikolovska.

The authors of music and lyrics were Zrinko Tutić and Rajko Dujmić. The song was arranged by Nikša Bratoš while the music solos were composed by Damir Lipošek, Vedran Božić and Husein Hasanefendić. 

The song was released in the initial stages of the Croatian War of Independence. Although almost three decades have now passed since the song was first aired, its popularity hasn’t diminished through the years and now a new version, featuring new artists is set to be made.

The new version, with new artists, will first hit the air on March 6th on HRT as part of the Golden Studio Awards Gala.

“We do not want to reveal too much, but we will tell you that in the remake of Moja domovina’, on March 6, celebrated actress Zrinka Cvitesic, maestro Ivan Repusic and national football team coach Zlatko Dalic will take part,” Jutarnji list writes.

History of the song

“As I was driving along the highway I had traveled from Banja Luka from the sea to Zagreb in mid-August, I saw a column of tanks and planes flying over in a sweeping flight. That image was a trigger for me, but the song was born in me even before when I listened to news of war attacks, devastation, killed and exiled people. I finally wrote Moja domovina’,” Tutić explains.

Renowned music manager Vladimir Mihaljek Miha recalls: “The guys agreed and said it could be sung by twenty people. I told them, “Twenty? No chance! This song has such power that it must be sung by at least 150 people!” And then I started calling Oliver Dragojević, Teresa, Jasna Zlokić, Stavros, Mišo Kovač, Vlado Kalember, Zvonko Špišić, Ivo Robić, Severina, Davor Gopac. We wanted this song to be sung by musicians of all genres and all generations to show that we all think the same.”

The song was first aired on television on September 15, 1991 when, on the day of the first aerial alert in Zagreb, it aired on the main evening news.

The song’s original author says he will not be present on the night the remake premieres. 

“I will not come because I am afraid that emotions will overwhelm me as I listen to the remake of ‘Moja domovina’, which will be sung by a new generation, with one new energy,” admits Zrinko Tutić.



Svakog dana mislim na tebe
Slušam vijesti, brojim korake
Nemir je u srcima, a ljubav u nama
Ima samo jedna istina

Svaka zvijezda sija za tebe
Kamen puca, pjesma putuje
Tisuću generacija noćas ne spava
Cijeli svijet je sada sa nama… Sa nama!

Moja domovina, moja domovina,
Ima snagu zlatnog žita,
Ima oči boje mora,
Moja zemlja Hrvatska.

Vratit ću se moram doći, tu je moj dom,
Moje sunce, moje nebo.
Novi dan se budi kao sreća osvaja
Ti si tu sa nama… Sa nama!


Every day I think about you
I listen to the news, I count steps
Restlessness is in our hearts, love is in us
There is only one truth

Every star is shining for you
Stone is breaking, song is traveling
Thousands of generations are not sleeping tonight
The whole world is now with us… With us!

My homeland, my homeland
Has the strength of golden wheat
Has the eyes the color of the sea
My country Croatia

I will return, I have to come, this is my home
My sun, my sky
A new day is awakening, conquers like happiness
You are here, with us

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