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Learning Croatian – simple and fun

CRO to go is a Croatian language school located in Zagreb, but also teaching Croatian as a foreign language ONLINE all over the world –  which offers students the opportunity to learn Croatian from the comfort of their home or office.

We talked to prof.Mihaela Naletilić, founder of CRO to go and a professor of Croatian language about her vision of learning Croatian. 

“When I first started teaching Croatian as a foreign language, I found that learning materials that were available for learning were too complicated and most of the time not interesting enough for the students. Learning Croatian is a challenge itself and making it even more difficult with a complicated approach and learning materials – was simply not my teaching style. So I developed my own CRO to go Croatian language learning program –  which has proven to be successful with students of different learning levels and ages – all over the world,” says prof.Naletilić.

Learning Croatian – simple and fun

CRO to go teachers

CRO to go online Croatian lessons are highly effective, interactive and fun. And, what is very important in the busy time we all live in – a simple way to learn a new language.

Now you can have Croatian lessons without even stepping out of your front door. With just one click – here you are in Zagreb’s city centre speaking Croatian.

Croatian online lessons are individualized – fitted around your schedule and learning needs. And if you don’t like the idea of learning Croatian online on your own, you can learn it in pairs, with your friend.

Learning Croatian – simple and fun

Learning Croatian should be simple and fun – just like child’s play”, says prof.Mihaela.

At CRO to go there are especially proud of their CROkids program – 

Croatian language courses fit for children aged 6 to 14. 

“What makes us really happy at CRO to go is when our little students are happy and proud because during their summer vacations – they will be able to talk Croatian with their grandma or grandpa in Croatia.”

Whether you are a complete beginner or you would like to improve your Croatian through conversational classes, CRO to go online courses are available to you at these appropriate learning levels: 

CROstart for beginners
CROplus– if you already have some knowledge of Croatian,
CROintensive– for fast-paced learning
CROtalk online course – if you would like to improve your Croatian conversation skills.

and CROkids for children from age 6 to 14 

Learning Croatian – simple and fun

At CRO to go they believe that everyone, no mather on their age or learning style, would like to learn language in a simple and fun way – and be able to use it in everyday situations – precisely what CRO to go does the best.

More information on CRO to go online lessons can be found at www.crotogo.hr or contact on [email protected]

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