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Learning Croatian sayings and phrases – #2

learning croatian sayings and phrases

Is the Croatian language hard to learn? If you ask most people new to the language they would say it definitely is. 

But that does not mean you still can’t impress locals and make a few people laugh by learning some well-known Croatian sayings or phrases.

In this series we will teach you commonly used sayings in Croatia which are not typically found in language learning material.

Today’s saying:

Svakog gosta tri dana dosta pronunciation [Svar-cog-gohsta-trree-darna-dos-tar]

English: The phrase ‘svakog gosta tri dana dosta’ basically means three days is the limit for any guest to stay before they start cramping your style and getting on your nerves. 

If you have ever had a relative or friend come to stay in your place then you might be familiar with how the phrase came about. ‘Guests, like fish, begin to smell after 3 days” – Benjamin Franklin.


svakog -any/everyone

gosta – guest

tri – three

dana – days

dosta – enough

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