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Learn about Croatian Glagolitic Script at Open Day

Baščanska ploča, the oldest evidence of the glagolitic script. Found on the island of Krk, Croatia (Photo: Neoneo 13/CC)

ZAGREB, Feb 10 (Hina) – On the occasion of the Croatian Glagolitic Script and Glagolitism Day, the Old Slavonic Institute in Zagreb will have an Open Day on 21 February, the institute announced.

The Institute will be open to the general public on 21 February from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Apart from guided tours of the palace Skrlec-Balbi where the Institute is located, visitors will be able to view the Institute’s latest editions and Glagolitic reprints, the library and documentation collection, and the Glagolitic lapidarium, as well as play games with Glagolitic characters.

The Old Slavonic Institute invites visitors to get acquainted with the work of the Scientific Centre of Excellence for Croatian Glagolitism, attend interesting lectures given by scholars from the Institute, see the virtual exhibition on the Zgombic manuscript, one of the most important non-liturgical Old Slavonic text collections, hear the Croatian Old Church Slavonic language, take a look at the Glagolitic Script and learn to write their name in it, or learn to write a Glagolitic character they like the best.

The Old Slavonic Institute is the central Croatian academic institution for researching Croatian Glagolitism. Members of the Institute research the Croatian Glagolitic heritage, with a special interest in the Croatian Old Church Slavonic language and all texts written in the Glagolitic script.

The Institute was founded in 1952, taking its basis from the Old Slavonic Academy from Krk, as a referential place for collecting, researching, and publishing Old Slavonic and Old Croatian written heritage.

It has been amassing a specialised library for decades, and more recently it has been digitalising Glagolitic heritage.

The Scientific Centre of Excellence for Croatian Glagolitism, which has been headed by the Institute since 2014, is developing a model of multidisciplinary research of the Medieval Glagolitic scriptorium.

Two projects funded by the Croatian Science Foundation will be conducted by the Institute in 2020.

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