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Konoba Opat – Restaurant with One of the Best Views in Croatia

Konoba Opat (Photo: Konoba Opat)

There are a number of old, traditional taverns (konoba) in Croatia where you can indulge in delightful food whilst enjoying a killer view.

One of those is Konoba Opat, which was named in the Top 10 restaurants with a view in Croatia.

Konoba Opat is located in the bay of Opat on the central Dalmatian island of Kornat, which is the largest island in the Kornati islands archipelago and part of the Kornati National Park.

Cruise up on a boat to eat (Photo: Michael Markota/Konoba Opat)

Owned by the Božikov family, it has developed an impressive reputation over the last three decades for his food, hospitality and of course the view.

Next year Konoba Opat will celebrate its 30th birthday.

“We are famous for our cold starters, carpaccio, and marinades. Depending on the catch, we prepare tuna, swordfish, John Dory and other fish, as well as caviar capesants. As well as shellfish, sea urchins, salads, lobster, as well as fish cooked in salt. In the season the squid is excellent, and we also prepare lamb, steak…,” head chef Ante Božikov tells punkufer.hr.

There is also a separate cocktail bar to enjoy some alcoholic beverages. For easy boat access, Konoba Opat provides berths for around 25 boats.

You can check out more on offer and other details on their website here.

(Photos: Facebook/Konoba Opat)


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