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Istrien so nah! campaign launched  

Starting this weekend, the Istria Tourist Board is launching an intensified media advertising campaign on tourist markets with special emphasis on the area of Austria and southern Germany, under the slogan “Istrien so nah!” [Istria so close!].

Building on the current destination campaigns conducted in cooperation with the Croatian National Tourist Board, the last of which “The holiday you deserve is closer than you think” is intensively spent in seven European markets, Istria in this way wants to focus additional attention on close and faithful markets, to German-speaking guests.

The promotion of the Istrian Peninsula was actively carried out by the Istria Tourist Board recently, including two significant newsletter campaigns to more than 500 addresses in Austria and Germany. The first during pandemic about good how well the crisis was managed, while in the second the opening of accommodation and catering facilities, attractions and other tourist facilities was presented, while in the second the opening of accommodation and catering facilities, attractions and other tourist facilities was presented.

Istria Tourist Board director Denis Ivošević believes that the long-standing friendship between Istria and Austrian and German guests will be expressed in these extraordinary circumstances, mutually confirming the trust built over many years – on the one hand, optimism and loyalty of visitors, and on the other by developing high-quality services and facilities on the peninsula.

“Always following the trends in the travel market, but also listening to the wishes of our visitors, Istria has developed a tourist infrastructure that, even in these difficult times caused by the global pandemic, can offer the necessary security and all the conditions necessary for a pleasant holiday,” the Tourist Board said. 

The campaign is scheduled to begin on online channels on June 5 and will last six weeks. It is intended primarily for visitors looking for an offer of camping and private accommodation.

Selected motifs of attractive Istrian panoramas for banners which will go on various portals, websites and social media channels include famous views of Rovinj and the picturesque outline of its old town, a romantic twilight over Poreč’s Pešker along with the UNESCO Euphrasian to the Brijuni Islands, which attracts with its unreal appearance from a bird’s eye view and the magnificent Pula Arena.

Advertisements promoting Istria, in addition to highlighting the logo of tourist Croatia, also contain a partner logo that officially connects the County of Istria with one of the world’s strongest brands – the football giant FC Bayern Munich. The agreement on this important strategic partnership with the Tourist Board was signed exactly two years ago, on June 4, 2018.

Studio Tumpić / Prenc from Rovinj is responsible for the creative visual solutions, while the authors of the selected photographs are Danijel Bartolić, Frank Heuer, Nenad Šimunić, the BBDO agency, and Studio Sonda. The advertising campaign is carried out in cooperation with the specialized digital marketing agency PMC Active, and the agency I-dea Graphics, a long-term partner of the Istria Tourist Board, leads the entire production of virtual animated ads.

In addition to the Istria Tourist Board of the Istria County, advertising is financially supported by the Croatian Tourist Board and the leading hotel companies in Istria.

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