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iPhone Explodes as Croat Sleeps

iphone-4Ljubica Marić (28) from the Croatian capital Zagreb got a shock after her iPhone 4S exploded whilst it was charging next to her bed, reports daily 24sata.

Marić had left her Apple phone charging on her dresser next to her bed when the phone started ringing late in the night, but as she was half asleep she let the phone ring. When the phone rung for a second time she went to answer it, only to be greeted by a loud explosion. The bang caused the glass screen to shatter and pieces of the phone were left scattered all over the floor.

Marić was in for a further shock when she was told that her guarantee was not valid and fixing the phone would cost her over 200 euros. “Interesting thing was after the explosion the phone continued to work,” said husband Zoran.

Similar cases of Apple iPhones blowing up have been reported around the world, the latest being a case in the UK when an iPad user had a charger exploded in their hand.

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