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Investindustrial supports sustainable automotive innovation with stake in Rimac Group

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An investment company indirectly owned by Investindustrial VII L.P. (“Investindustrial”) has been supporting Rimac Group d.o.o. (“Rimac Group”), 100 percent shareholder in Rimac Technology d.o.o. (“Rimac Technology”), a leader in high-performance electric vehicle technology and majority shareholder in Bugatti Rimac, manufacturer of the world-record-breaking hypercars Rimac Nevera and the Bugatti Chiron.

Founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac, Rimac Group now employs more than 1,300 people. As a technologically advanced group, it develops and manufactures electric hypercars and high-performance components and technological solutions for electric vehicles on behalf of leading car manufacturers around the world such as Porsche, Hyundai, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Automobili Pininfarina, and others.

Investindustrial has committed a total of €120 million of investment in Rimac Group through various instruments, providing the resources needed to pursue the next exciting phase of growth. Since investing initially in 2021, Investindustrial has been supporting the company by leveraging its deep automotive experience, developed with current and prior investments in Ducati, Aston Martin, and Morgan Motors, in order to accelerate the transition to electrification by backing the best available technological solutions for high-performance electric vehicles developed by Rimac Technology.

The sector is at a pivotal point in its sustainable transformation, with sales of electric vehicles expected to make up a third of the market by 2025 and more than 50% by 2030.

In addition to developing its own range of hypercars represented by the Nevera, the fastest-accelerating car on the market, Rimac also recently formed a joint company together with Porsche whereby Bugatti has been contributed into Rimac Groups’ hypercar division: on November 2nd 2021 Bugatti Rimac d.o.o. started operating as one of the two companies under the Rimac Group umbrella, led by Mate Rimac as the CEO, combining Bugatti’s unique brand, heritage and craftsmanship with the Rimac’s agile operations, innovative technology and know-how in the EV space.

Investindustrial’s investment and team has been supporting management as it continues to innovate, both developing world-leading electric and hybrid vehicles and providing leading OEMs with best-in-class EV technology, ultimately speeding up the world’s conversion to electric traction in support of the environmental and climate objectives of the UN’s 2030 agenda. The potential of the market in which the company operates, its pivotal role in the electrification of the automotive sector and its focus on ESG matters make Rimac the prototype for the kind of companies with demonstrated technological prowess and strong environmental impact on which Investindustrial intends to focus on, as part of its constant commitment to sustainable investments.

Andrea C. Bonomi, Chairman of Investindustrial’s Industrial Advisory Board, commented: “I am proud to collaborate with Rimac and its founder Mate Rimac, a visionary entrepreneur who in just 12 years has established Rimac as a benchmark in the sector, combining the past and future of the automotive industry. As Investindustrial we will put our skills and our international network at Rimac’s service. We want to be a solid, long-term partner in the implementation of the Group’s cutting-edge technologies, which are fundamental for pursuing the objective of further strengthening its leadership in the electric mobility sector”.

Mate Rimac, Founder of Rimac, said: Despite our evolution from garage to global over the last 10 years, we’re only in the early stages of our long-term vision for the Rimac Group. Next, we grow our family of hypercar models, we begin mass production of a number of major OEM electrification projects and we explore the next revolution in transport, all while building our new home in Croatia and rolling out the Nevera to customers all over the world. This latest collaboration with Investindustrial not only secures our future ambitions but allows us to tap into decades of global experience that will help accelerate our vision and deliver it with the kind of precision and innovation that the Rimac Group has become known for.

About Investindustrial

Investindustrial is a leading European group of independently managed investment, holding and advisory companies with €11 billion of raised fund capital. With ESG principles deeply embedded into the Firm’s core approach, Investindustrial has more than 30-year history of providing mid-market companies capital, industrial expertise, operational focus and global platforms to accelerate sustainable value creation and international expansion. Certain companies of the Investindustrial group are authorized by, and subject to regulatory supervision of the FCA in the United Kingdom and the CSSF in Luxembourg. Investindustrial’s investment companies act independently from each other and each Investindustrial fund.

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