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Interview with 207 ‘Croatia’s consistent hero at Outlook Festival’

Vedran Pusic – 207

Croatian and Pula artist, Vedran Pusic, better known by his stage name of 207 reflects on Outlook, and talks about what festival goers can expect of his upcomign show at Outlook Origins in July as well as some of his favourite records that best reflect the region. 

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How are you, what’s good? 

Hey thanks for asking, I’m alright. Right now I am in Italy playing in the basketball season and waiting for the Summer to come round and return home to Croatia.

How when and where did you first get into dance music in Croatia? Was there a local scene? 

Well my first experience with electronic music was at the age of 16 at the first Seasplash Festival in Pula, Croatia. Hearing Jin San playing a drum and bass set.. I instantly fell in love. I’m coming from a hip-hop background so we always used to joke that drum and bass is music for the rappers who want to party and play hard!

What’s it like playing Outlook? What makes it special?

Playing Outlook is always a highlight for the year. If you have ever been to one of the shows, you know what I’m talking about…the best soundsystems in the world, the vibes, the people… 

Any certain records that are special to you and the region?

Ah well when it comes to Dubstep and this region, I would definitely mention most of the Egoless records. Two records can be heard here.



What should people expect from your performance this year?

They can expect a lot of unreleased material from myself and some other artists I follow at the moment, also blends and a lot of energy. 

How do locals feel about what Outlook has brought to the region, are they welcome?

Ah, most people are aware that Outlook is bringing only good to Croatia and they are extremely happy about it.

What state is the local scene in, is it healthy?

Well the scene is small in Croatia, but we have some followers and sometimes when we put on a party, it really goes off!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at Outlook Origins?

I am still not sure if i’m specially hyped about seeing someone special, however, it’s always fun to just go and see what the night brings you at Outlook.

Outlook Festival (Photo: Nicholas Leer @nickleer_photo)

What else are you working on this year? 

I have a new record coming out on Joe Nice’s label, Gourmet Beats. It’ll be arriving sometime after the Summer and I am working on a lot of new stuff too! 

What tips do you have for anyone coming to Croatia for the first time this year?

Well if you are going to be coming for Outlook, I advise you to stay a few more days and take a trip through Dalmatia and visit the islands and so on. That’s what I’m going to be doing after the festival! 

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