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Incident Mars Fountain Opening In Zagreb

An incident involving protesters from Occupy Croatia and a Zagreb City Council boss has marred the opening of a new fountain in the Croatian capital on Sunday night.

The controversial 18.5 million kuna (2.5 million euro) fountain, which has been subject to debate because of its high costs, was unveiled to the public during a special ceremony, and things turned ugly when Occupy Croatia protesters started asking questions how the 18.5 million kuna was spent.

A Zagreb City Council boss claims he was attacked by the protestors, hurting his back and leg as he was knocked to the ground, but Occupy Croatia say his claims are pure fabrication and that they were the ones attacked, saying that the councillor verbally abused the group before physically attacking one member.

It was not the only incident on the night, one female protestor also claims that a security guard grabbed her by the neck, tore up her sign and knocked her to the ground.

“Thank you everybody, and those who were for and against this. Actions speak louder than words,” said Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic before putting the fountain into action.


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