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In small Croatian town 30,000 uniforms for German army being sewn

In small Croatian town 30,000 uniforms for German army being sewn

Splendor tekstil (Photo credit: Splendor tekstil)

Although the pandemic has had a negative effect on many businesses around the world, a textile company in a small town in Croatia’s Zagorje region is thriving. 

Splendor tekstill is currently sewing uniforms for the German soldiers from their factory in Klanjec in northwestern Croatia after signing a contract with the German army. 

Over the next three years, the Croatian company will deliver 30,000 uniforms, primarily jackets and specially designed pants with German military patterns, cut from extremely high quality Gore-Tex materials.

There are around 70 people working for the company. 

“Our philosophy is simple, we want to provide every customer with what they need. The needs are not the same of a mountaineer who has walked a little in the woods, a journalist who reports from the field and needs protection from rain or snow, or a soldier who spends hours and sometimes days in extreme conditions of cold, humidity or heat. We have to think about all this and that is why we first talk to our clients about their specific needs. For example, we also work for the Ministry of the Interior, where we have to think carefully about the needs of a police officer who spends eight to ten hours every day in the field. We also sew uniforms for the Special Police Unit. Every client is different,” development manager Suzana Perčić tells Novac.hr.

Regardless of their quality control systems, the Germans conduct their own inspections. A drop of water must not pass through the seams. 

“When we deliver the shipment to them, they will take several samples at random. If they notice even the slightest irregularity, they return the shipment. So, everything must be perfect,” Perčić adds.

Splendor tekstill is a licensed partner of W.L.Gore & Associates GmbH to produce their own range of high quality Gore-Tex and Windstopper garments and is one of only three European factories that have entered the development programmes and projects of functional professional clothing of the company Gore, which proves that they have proven their quality in this difficult market.

Although the Croatian market is their priority, sewing uniforms for the police, customs and post officers, they have a lot of international experience. They sewed uniforms for the Bulgarian and British police forces.

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