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Impromptu Mass ‘Kolo’ as Christmas Spirit Cranks Up in Zagreb


With Advent in full swing and the streets packed with people, there is definitely a Christmas buzz going on in downtown Zagreb.

There is plenty going on to keep locals, and a large number of tourists, with around 200,000 expected to visit the Croatian capital over the festive period, entertained.

To complement the copious amount of food and drink options at stalls in the centre, there is concerts, performances, and music helping to create a vibe.

People have been getting into the spirit, demonstrated by an impromptu mass ‘kolo’ dance on the main square the other night when the tambura music started to play.

Locals were quick to join in and link up and dance around Manduševac fountain which ended in a round of applause. The kolo (circle) is a traditional folk dance which varies from region to region in Croatia.

Check out the video below.

(courtesy of 24sata)

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