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Impressive ratings of Croatian wines by US Wine Enthusiast magazine

(Photo: Saints Hills Winery)

Wine Enthusiast, a 30-year-old renowned wine magazine based in New York, has rated wines from the Saints Hills Winery in Croatia the most highly-rated Croatian wines. 

Wine Enthusiast rated Saints Hills Winery’s Dingač Sveta Lucija from 2015 with 94 points and Sveti Roko 2015 with 92 points.

“Croatia is a part of an old wine world. We have been making wine since ancient times, and we have always had perfect conditions and terroir. Unfortunately, this fact is not well known, and the biggest job for us winemakers, besides making great wine, is to become recognised for it. We are hoping that this is the first step towards taking our rightful place in the wine world,” said Ernest Tolj, a serial entrepreneur who found new inspiration 12 years ago, when he and wife Ivana Tolj established Saints Hills Winery, before adding. 

“This is a symbolic crown to a 12-year-old quest to make a significant entrance to the USA market. Endless efforts are now showing results in increased sales as well as good grades. Being the best rated Croatian wine is an honour and an obligation, that we are looking forward to living up to in every vintage that follows.”

(Photo: Saints Hills Winery)

Commenting on the Plavac Sveti Roko, Kult Plave Kamenice, a Croatian eno-gastro magazine in Croatia, said ‘it is a sensation’ for the youngest Croatian appellation to get 92 points in a serious American wine medium. 

“It is even more interesting for us, and probably more important for the
Croatian wine industry, that Plavac Sveti Roko from Komarna in the Wine
Enthusiast got 92 points. Namely, a Dingač is a Dingač, and a Dingač can
always become a world classic, although this rarely happens. But, if the
wine from the youngest Croatian appellation gets 92 points in a serious
American wine medium, it is a sensation.

This review is extremely important because Komarna can become one of the most successful Dalmatian vineyards. Ernest Tolj deserved all the awards he has received so far, including these high marks from a reputable American wine magazine. Few people in southern Croatia have invested so much energy, enthusiasm and money in improving the quality of vineyards and wine as Zagreb entrepreneur Ernest Tolj.”

(Photo: Saints Hills Winery)

“This 100% Plavac Mali from Dingac is dark garnet in the glass with
aromas of wild blackberries on the vine, black plum, bramble and a touch of smoked charcuterie. It has good weight on the palate, with flavors of
cranberry, pomegranate, dark berries and dried lavender. It has a pleasantly bold tannic structure on entry, but the bright acidity in the finish
balances perfectly and makes this a wine to drink now or lay down for a few years, reviewer Jeff Jensen noted, adding that the Sveti Roko was fruity upon entry then slightly grippy tannins envelope the palate and taper off to a smooth finish.

(Photo: Saints Hills Winery)

Both wines are available via a newly established Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc., based in Boston with an online shop and delivery to most US States.

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