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Impressive new museum at Split’s Poljud stadium

(Photo credit: Hajduk.hr)

SPLIT, 14 February 2020 – A new museum and interpretation centre telling the unique story of sport in the Croatian city of Split, Hajduk Split and Poljud stadium is set to open, the club announced on the occasion of their 109th birthday on Thursday. 

The 3-level Poljud Museum and Hajduk Interpretation Center will open under the east stand at Poljud stadium and will feature a series of interactive interpretive elements with attractive, educational and interactive content.

“Through the first topic, ‘Idea and Genesis’ and ‘A Brief Overview of the History of Sports in Split’, visitors will be introduced to Split’s sporting beginnings, the development of the most important sports and sports clubs, trophy historical moments and the most important athletes throughout history. It will also tell the story of the city’s specific attitude to sports in general. Apart from presenting Split as a sports city through these stories, they will also give a visitor an insight into the special sports heart of Split, the habit of citizens to celebrate with their athletes their greatest achievements and to organise massive celebrations for their trophy athletes. This element of interpretation is crucial to understanding the relationship between Split and Hajduk, which rests on the aforementioned mutual appreciation, but is far deeper and more specific,” Hajduk.hr writes.

(Photo credit: Hajduk.hr)

The first floor is reserved entirely for the history of Hajduk with a presentation of the development of the club’s crest and jersey over time and the story behind the founding of the Torcida supporters group, who are an integral part of Hajduk.

“The interpretation will be placed on specific visual platforms that accompany the time decades. Visual platforms are a kind of homage to the unique construction of Poljud roof, built by the MERO technique. The same technique is applied in the implementation of the aforementioned visual platforms, which are also unique in the world.”

(Photo credit: Hajduk.hr)

On the basement floor, “The Museum of Poljud” will present the origin of the idea and the construction of Poljud Stadium, as well as giving visitors the chance to personal experience being part of Torcida in a space equipped as a 9D cinema. 

There is also a souvenir shop and fan shop, multifunctional halls for various exhibitions, lectures and games, and a tasting room designed after the Prague beer pub ‘U Fleku’ where the Hajduk story began. You can see more here. 

(Photo credit: Hajduk.hr)

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