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How Does the Average Croat Spend 100 Kuna?

CroatiaIf one has walked into a supermarket lately in Croatia one would realise that 100 kuna (13 euros) does not go as far as it once did. So when the average Croat has 100 kuna in his pocket, what do they spend it on? Croatia’s Nova TV investigated to find out.

According to the results, the average Croat will spend most of the 100 kuna on food – 26.80 to be precise. From that 26.80, bread (5.22kn) and milk, cheese and eggs (4.40kn) were the main purchases. Bills were the next priority with 17.80 kn put aside for water, 11.90 kn for power and gas, and 13.40 kn for travel. Once the basics had been covered Croats then turn to vices – with 4.60 kuna going on booze and cigarettes, and 4.90 on their mobile phones. Only 2.80 kn goes towards one’s health, and just 1.40 kn on books and magazines.

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