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Halle Berry wears Croatian eco-friendly design

The Curic sisters

American actress Halle Berry and her fashion stylist Lindsay Flores, have both donned jackets from the Curic&Curic collection. 

Curic&Curic is an eco-friendly company and is owned by two identical twins, Marija and Ivana Curic who were born in Osijek, Croatia, and now are based in New York. 

Berry, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the romantic drama film Monster’s Ball and has starred in X-Men and John Wick films, posted a photo of her and Flores wearing eco-friendly “BFF” hand-painted Camo jackets from the sister’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection on her wellness company website @respin and on their IGTV segment.

“What is amazing is that we have A-lister celebrity Halle Berry talking about real friendship with her best friend fashion stylist Lindsay Flores. Their IGTV “Bad & Booshy” is just amazing and relatable,” Marija and Ivana said. 

Marija and Ivana, who are passionate about sustainability, founded Curic&Curic in 2017 where they offer unique eco-friendly designs. The sisters have been involved in a number of charity events, using their talents to help raise money for worthy causes both in the US and in their homeland Croatia. 

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