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Government v Church Battle Heats Up

“Croatia needs another storm (name of operation when Croatia retook control of the Krajina region in 1995 that had been under Serb control), but a storm of the brain. The Church is interfering with everyone who thinks with their head. The Church has shown it disrespects democracy and the democratic will of the majority of citizens of this country, I expect the Church to apologise to all citizens,” those were the fighting words of Croatia’s Education Minister Zeljko Jovanovic, as the battle over sex education being taught in schools heats up between the government and the Church.

Jovanovic was responding to yesterday’s statement from a Diocese leader saying that Nazism had come to power in Croatia and the current government resembles a dictatorship, and that Croatia needs another Storm to sort this government out.

The Catholic Church in Croatia vehemently oppose the Ministry of Education’s decision to introduce a sex education module as part of its 4-part health education programme in schools this autumn.

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