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Game of Thrones Final Season Filming Starts in Dubrovnik


Filming for the final season of hit HBO series Game of Thrones begun in Dubrovnik, Croatia on Tuesday morning.

Game of Thrones is back in Dubrovnik to film for the final Season 8, which will not hit screens until 2019.

Filming will take place for the next three days at a number of locations around the city, The Dubrovnik Times reports.

(Photo credit: Ivana Smilovic)

Security levels are high with the production trying to not reveal any details to the public.

Security guarding filming of Season 8 in Dubrovnik on Tuesday (Photo credit: Ivana Smilovic)

“The action today was down in the Pile Bay area, under the Lovrijenac Fortress, and there was even security out in speedboats on the Adriatic to keep prying lenses at bay. Kit Harington, or Jon Snow, was believed to be on his way to Dubrovnik and there are even speculations that fans have spotted him in the city. However, there was no evidence today that the popular British actor was actually in Dubrovnik,” The Dubrovnik Times writes.

(Photo credit: Ivana Smilovic)

On Tuesday props were spotted being moved around the set and banners hung from the Old City walls, which were closed in one direction and monitored by security and police.

(Photo credit: Ivana Smilovic)

A handful of fans had turned out on Tuesday to catch of glimpse of some of the show’s stars but they were not having much luck thanks to a heavy veil of secrecy.

(Photo credit: Ivana Smilovic)

Security was tight today (Photo credit: Ivana Smilovic)

Dubrovnik has been used as the location for King’s Landing since Season 2 after Malta was originally used.


According to a study made in 2017, 244,415 tourists visited Dubrovnik between 2012 and 2015 due to Game of Thrones using the city as a filming location. Around 60,000 people have visited the Dubrovnik region annually, solely because the series was shot there.

Dubrovnik (HBO)

The analysis says that those motivated to visit Dubrovnik because of Game of Thrones have spent 126 million euros from 2012 to 2015.

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