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From Oslo to Tokyo – Croatian Tourist Board Keeps Pushing Promotion

CroatiaThe 2014 tourist season may have reached its peak period, but it has not stopped the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) from promoting destination Croatia around the world this week…

This past week HTZ representatives have been busy promoting Croatia in foreign markets. HTZ were in Oslo, Norway earlier in the week where they met with Norwegian tour operators and the media. An old Croatian fishing boat took part in a regatta of 300 historical boats to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of Norway in Oslo, whilst a photo exhibition from photographer Ivo Pervan featuring a sailing regatta in Palagruža was also held during the week.

Meanwhile in Japan, HTZ representative Eduard Tripković was on Japan’s TBS television show ‘Let’s enjoy 7 seas! World Summer Resort’ which is watched by more than 7 million Japanese, to promote Croatia as a destination. Zlatni rat beach in Bol, Gradac, the Croatian islands and capes, and a number of festivals going in Croatian were just some of the things promoted on the popular show.

Apart from Norway and Japan, HTZ have been advertising in the media, in brochures and catalogues this past week in Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. A number of Korean tourists interviewed over the weekend in Croatia all said that they have never heard of the country until it appeared on a popular reality TV show there. Promotion needs to keep on happening, especially in Asian countries where tourists travel all year round, if Croatia is to extend its tourist season past 3-4 months a year.

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