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Fried squid in Zagreb: Best 10 spots in the city

Fried squid: Best 10 spots to go to in Zagreb

(Photo: Restaturant Mimice)

Squid, or lignje as it is called in Croatia, with a side of blitva, fries or potato salad, is a popular dish among tourists visiting the coast. 

But is not only the coast where you can find great fried squid. 

Local culinary portal Dobra hrana went on the pursuit to find the top 10 places in Zagreb for fried squid. Below is the list of the best places in town.

Address: Dolac 2, Centre

If you want to eat completely fresh fish at the lowest price in Zagreb, then Amfora is the place to eat. The most expensive, the so-called first class fish, 100 kuna. Squid fried or grilled with a side dish you will pay 45 kuna

Address: Jurišićeva 21, Centre

This cult Zagreb local has been in existence since 1945. Mimice is a place that, despite all the changes in people’s tastes, social upheavals, opening new restaurants and changing interests and habits of Zagreb citizens, is almost always full.

Kod Šime
Address: Martićeva 62, Kvatrić

Kod Šime Bistro is located near Kvatrić Market. They serve fried, grilled and stuffed squid here. If you order the fried squid with a side dish and tartar sauce, you will pay 54 kuna.

Kod Dede
Address: Prečko 5C, Prečko

Friday is always reserved for fish and squid here. Fried squid with potatoes and tartar here is 51 kuna.

Fried squid: Best 10 spots to go to in Zagreb

(Photo: Kod Dede)

Kod Vukušića
Address: Slavonska avenija 22D, Žitnjak

Located within the Žitnjak Business Center, close to Garden Brewery, you will pay $50 for the squid which is served with a generous portion of tartar sauce and french fries.

Kai Street Food 
Address: Jurišićeva ulica 2A

This place offers a variant of crispy fried squid with a small twist Shiny, crispy squid with chimichurri sauce, aioli and creamy potato salad costs 76 kuna.

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Address: Karlovačka cesta 24

Bicko is located away from the centre  towards the Zagreb Arena. The fried squid with french fries and tartar and will cost you 74 kuna. Bicko also has his own delivery service also.

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Triton on Kvatrić
Address: Šubićeva ulica 40

Triton is a small fast food spot located within the markets on Kvatrić. In addition to delicious squid, here you can try other small fried fish such as gavuna, sprats and sardines, and it comes in combination with various salads and fries. Prices range from 20 for a serving of sprats to 55 kuna for fried squid. Triton also has branches in Trešnjevka and Utrina. They also offer delivery services.

Maredo Grill 
Address: Ulica Florijana Andrašeca 14

Known for its meat specialties, last year they introduced fresh fish dishes. Maredo is currently on closed for holidays until August 16. 

Ribice i tri točkice…
Address: Preradovićeva ul. 7, 10000, Zagreb

This place is a favourite in Zagreb when it comes to fish specialties. As well as squid, they also offer fish soups, risottos, pasta, shellfish, sea bream and sea bass, and even the popular fish and chips. A portion of grilled and fried squid will cost you 60 kuna.


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