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Foreigners Who Made Croatia Home: Meet Alvaro from Colombia

Alvaro Mauricio Sopó Jurin

By Iva Ralica

In our feature ‘Foreigners who made Croatia home’ – we meet people who have decided to move and make a new life in Croatia.

We find out why they came and stayed, what they enjoy about their ‘new’ home, how they getting on with the language, and what tips they have for those contemplating a move.

Today we meet 40-year-old Alvaro Mauricio Sopó Jurin, who moved to Zagreb from Colombia.

How long have you been in Zagreb?

9 years.

What brought you to Croatia?

Croatian ancestry and destiny.

What was the most difficult thing about the shift?

The Croatian language.

What is the main difference between Croatia and Colombia?

The food and the weather.

What are your 3 favourite things about Zagreb?

Zagreb is a quiet city.

Everything is close.

Drinking coffee in any coffee shop.

Cafes are everywhere in Zagreb (photo: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

What 3 things would you like to change about Zagreb?

Propuh (doesn’t exist), smells in the tram, paying HRT (Croatian television) licence fee and bad attitude in the shops.

What is your favorite Croatian food?

Sarma, štrukle, čobanac and Easter breakfast.

Sarma (photo credit: Visit Sinj)

Favorite drink?

Cold gemišt, orahovac.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Zagreb?

At home, Sofra and FiniGriz, Savska street (for me, the best kebab in Zagreb).

Favorite bar?

Krivi Put.

Favorite place to chill out?

Tkalčičeva street.

Tkalčićeva street

What is your favorite place outside of Zagreb to visit in Croatia?

Primošten, Vis, Rovinj.

Alvaro in Primošten

How well do you speak the language?

Very good, I understand everything, except declinations hahaha.

What is the biggest cultural difference between Croatia and Colombia?

Croatians are generally very cold people and not open-minded.

What makes you homesick?

Natural juices, family, friends, food.

Rovinj (photo: Rovinj Tourist Board)

Do you see yourself staying here?

Yes, I found my love here.

With his love

Do you have any advice for someone coming and staying in Croatia?

a) Be ready to have fun in a different way.

b) Be ready to fall in love with a little city.

c) Be ready to see the most beautiful girls.


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