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First Women-Run Cooperative Craft Brewery in Croatia

Ana Teskera and Maja Šepetavec (photo: indigogo)

Ana Teskera and Maja Šepetavec (photo: indigogo)

Two keen female brewers from Zadar on the Dalmatian coast have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Monday to help support Croatia’s first women-run cooperative craft brewery…

Ana Teskera and Maja Šepetavec from Brlog are the girls behind the project, which has raised almost 50% of their 8,000 USD goal in just 24 hours.

“We are two women who brew our own beer. Not only for the taste, but for the sheer pleasure of making it. From our brewing hobby came an idea, and from that idea – Croatia’s first cooperative craft brewery. The brewery is located in Zadar, the city voted Best European Destination for 2016,” say the girls.

Blonde ale

Blonde ale

Why cooperative?

“A cooperative is a way to transform the talents of two women with brewing skills into an inclusive, organic group of people who can construct, program book-keep, write business plans, and create. This is how we want to change the world. Individually we are little, working together in cohesion, we are a force of varied and crafty skills. If a group of people from Zadar can do it, the world can too,” they explain.

“For us, beer is much more than just a refreshing drink. It is the process that demands many inputs. We enjoy contributing to development of this small city by the sea. During the summer months, Zadar thrives, but as the weather cools and tourists return to their home countries, Zadar needs its own enterprises to keep it vibrant and strong.”

The girls have turned to crowdfunding to take their passion to the next level – commercial capacity.

You can check out their campaign and help support them via this link.

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