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First Pics Inside Vukovar’s Famous Battered Water Tower

CroatiaThe Vukovar water tower in the eastern Croatian city of Vukovar is one of the most famous symbols of in Croatia and the suffering of the city and the county in the Battle of Vukovar and the Croatian War of Independence, when the water tower and the city itself were largely destroyed by the Serb forces. Now, for the first time photographs from inside the tower have been published. Until the war, the top of the tower was home to a restaurant with a view over Vukovar, Dunav and surrounding vineyards. During the Serbian attack on Vukovar, the water tower, which was built-in the 1960’s, was one of the most frequent targets of enemy artillery. It was hit more than 600 times during the siege.

The water tower will not be renovated but will be left in its current state to serve as a reminder of the suffering the city endured. Check out the photos from inside the battered tower here

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