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First Pet Crematorium Opens In Croatia

The first crematorium for pets has opened its doors in Croatia. Pet Memo, located in Samobor just outside of the capital Zagreb, offers pet owners a chance to cremate their loved ones. From goldfish – to cats – to dogs – to even hamsters, Pet Memo say they will do all they can to ease the pain of the loss for their owners.

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Up until now cremation for household pets was not legal in Croatia, but now Pet Memo offer both individual or group cremations. After individual cremations, which is twice as expensive as group cremations, owners can take the pet’s ashes which will be delivered in an urn. Pet Memo say that most owners so far to use the service have chosen to take the individual option. Pet Memo is a member of the International Association of Crematoriums and Cemeteries for pets, and follows its code of ethics in all of its procedures. Pet Memo says it also plans to open a pet cemetery by the end of this year.

It is estimated that there are around 2 million pets in Croatia, and prices for cremation range from 260 kuna (30 EUR) for a small pet like a hamster or parrot for a group cremation, to 1280 kuna (170 EUR) For individual cremation for a large dog.

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