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First Eco-Friendly School Breakfast Project Launched



Two schools in Zagreb today have launched the first eco-breakfast programme in Croatia…

“Imam prvao jesti zdravo” (I have the right to eat healthy) is a project which will see over 700 school kids over the next two years get eco-friendly breakfasts at school for free.

Contents of the lunch boxes have been entirely donated by ecologically producers and members of the Association of Croatian Eco-Agricultural Producers (OPG Eko Sever, OPG Repro Eko, OPG Marica Jug and Grbić).

The Ecological Institute ‘Ecologica’, in cooperation with the Association of Croatian Eco-Agricultural Producers, helped launch the project which has received funding from the German Foundation for the Environment ‘Deutsche Bundesbank Umwelstiftung’, FIBL, and the European Institute for Research in Organic Agriculture.


“We want the kids to be eating a healthy breakfast and on the other hand we want to encourage thinking about stimulates for the development of organic agriculture in Croatia. Organic agriculture is increasing – we have 4,000 producers and an increase in surface area on which it is grown, but there is not enough diversity of products, there is also a lack of fruit other than apples, and dairy products are not certified,” said Sonja Karoglan Todorić from Ecologica.

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