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First digital census to be carried out in Croatia – how it works

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Zagreb (Photo: D. Rostuhrar/Zagreb TZ)

ZAGREB, 9 September 2021 – From 13 September to 17 October 2021, the Croatian Central Bureau of Statistics will conduct the first digital census of population, households and dwellings in the Republic of Croatia in two phases and in two ways, and citizens will be able to choose the method of census, the bureau said in a statement on Thursday. 

In the first phase, citizens will be able to self-list through the e-Citizen system.

The first phase of self-enumeration through the e-Citizen system will last from September 13 to 26, and the second phase of enumeration, when enumerators go out on the field, will last from September 27 to October 17. 

The Central Bureau of Statistics is calling on all citizens to enumerate themselves in the first phase of self-enumeration through the e-Citizen system.

During this period, they will have the opportunity to independently list themselves and all members of their household when it suits them best. One household member with a credential is enough to list their household and all its members.

After completing the census questionnaire and successfully locking and sending the e-census, the respondent will receive a unique control code generated at the time of submission of the e-census, which is evidence of a successful self-census, explained the bureau.

The control code should be written down on paper, photographed or printed and saved until the second phase of the Census (field census) so that the respondent can give the control code to the enumerator to control the scope of the census.

Persons can list their elderly relatives (parents, grandparents or someone else) who live in another household with their credentials also, the bureau points out. The rule for e-enumeration is that one household is enumerated with one credential.

The census is based on a statement.

According to the Law on Official Statistics, all data collected in the census are secret and will be used exclusively for statistical purposes, in other words, the census is not the basis for exercising any rights or obligations, the Central Bureau of Statistics said in a statement.

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