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First Crodiaspora Summit to take place in May

Supetar, location for Crodiaspora Summit 2020  (Photo credit: Leon Grdić)

ZAGREB, 3 January 2020 – After the successful Diaspora Tourism Conference which was held in Split last year, Crodiaspora is organizing the first ever Crodiaspora Summit which will be held on May 21-23 in Supetar on the island of Brač. 

Crodiaspora Summit 2020 will bring together Croats from around the world to discuss business and create solutions rather than focus on problems and the past. 

“We do not intend for this conference to be political but the solutions that we, the diaspora, create at the summit will be delivered to government and business institutions as a voice for the diaspora so that they can be implemented and be heard at a macroeconomic and political level,” Mate Pavković, organizer and founder of Crodiaspora says, before adding. 

“In 2020, Croatia will face many challenges as well as opportunities. It is an election year, the Croatian economy is stabalizing and Croatia will once again be on the world stage as it takes over the presidency of the council of the European Union. During the presidency, Croatian politicians will discuss the challenges faced by other EU countries as well as discuss Croatia’s biggest challenge: the increasing number of Croatian emigrants and the unused potential of the Croatian diaspora in making a better homeland. As Ivan Grbesić stated in his opening speech at the third session of the Council for Croats abroad, even though Croats in the diaspora are the bedrock of social, political and economic life, and there are as many Croats living in the diaspora as there are in Croatia, the number of Parliamentary Representatives for the Croatian Diaspora has decreased from 11 to 3. Crodiaspora believes that if business and government strategies focused their efforts on what would best help Croats abroad do more business, return, and integrate with the rest of Croatia as one country, this in turn would help the country grow and progress exponentially.”

Crodiaspora is inviting everyone to come to Supetar to network with ‘like-minded Croats from around the world’ for the weekend and to engage in the discourse concerning pressing topics the international Croatian community are facing. 

“Something special is happening in the diaspora, I can feel it in every interaction I have had over the last year. The time has come to integrate all of the positive momentum, ideas and energy into a coordinated effort. If there is one conference you attend in 2020, then make it this one – it will be a unique opportunity to witness the birth of a new era for the Croatian diaspora in shaping the future of Croatia,” says John Gašparac, Partner at PwC Croatia and one of the speakers at the first Crodiaspora Summit. 

To find out more about the summit and to get your Earlybird tickets before January 30th, visit the official website at crodiaspora.com

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