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First Croatian Plus-Sized Model Off to Pursue International Career

Lucija Lugomer

Lucija Lugomer

Things are moving fast for Croatia’s first plus-sized mode Lucija Lugomer…

Lucija (22) from Zagreb first hit the spotlight in Croatia near the end of last year when she was presented as the country’s first plus-sized model. Things have moved pretty fast since then for Lucija, who is on the books at Midikenn model agency in the Croatian capital.

First it was the UK’s Daily Mail to spotlight her, and then most recently a feature in the Italian version of the fashion bible Vogue. The attention internationally has led to offers and Lucija has decided to make the move to further her career. Her first destination is the U.S, where she has been offered work.

Lucija in Vogue

Lucija in Vogue

“The decision is final, I am off overseas to conquer the world,” she told RTL.

Today Lucija is confident and happy with her body image, but it was not always the case.

“I needed time to accept my body. As a teenager, I was the most developed and there were many jokes on my account and it was not easy for me,” she the Daily Mail in an earlier interview, adding that she was even admitted to hospital as a teen after experimenting with extreme diets.

“I love my body as it is and I don’t listen to critics. I am happy to be able to break the prejudices surrounding women’s bodies. After I came on the scene there were many girls with plus sizes calling the agency, interested in becoming a model like I am,” Lucija explained, saying she wore a lot of dresses and skirts as it was hard to find plus-sized fashionable clothing in Croatia.

Lucija off the United States

Lucija off to the United States

Recently Ashley Graham became Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s first plus-sized cover model.

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